Will the real author of the Fluffy Bunny plasma theme please stand up?

A while ago I saw some screenshots of a very hilarious KDE Plasma theme called Fluffy Bunny.

Fluffy Bunny KDE Plasma theme

Fluffy Bunny KDE Plasma theme

I haven’t been able to find out who created it, I only found some packages for openSuse with no author attached to it. I find this theme so horribly wrong that it’s actually fun to use. The theme will run fine under KDE 4.2 rebuilding the openSuse’s source RPM. I have been looking for an appropiate license to redistribute it for Fedora but I haven’t been able to find one (yet – I didn’t try that hard either). Therefor I’m looking for someone who know more about this package and if it’s okay to redistribute it for Fedora.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Will the real author of the Fluffy Bunny plasma theme please stand up? by Eelko Berkenpies is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


  1. Gerwin says:

    He Popko, I was looking it also for Ytsje 🙂 So where is the rpm? 😀

  2. cga says:

    i join your request. please author step out into the light!!!

    FYI: i know someone who actually likes pink desktop. i want to try this: http://my.opera.com/it-s/blog/2009/02/13/followup-spread-the-love with fluffybunny and show it to her….

    she tried kde 4.0 and was disappointed. now i want to tell her that kde 4.2 is a ready desktop and can be PINK and FLUFFY!!!

  3. @Gerwin: check your inbox! 😉

    @cga: wow, that just a little bit too pink for me! 😉 Although, it must be very nice if you like pink. Seems like a pretty well done job to me, I have seen worse themes.

  4. Florian Schepper says:

    Hello, I’m the author of Fluffy Bunny. I removed the download from kde-look with the release of 4.1 because I’m not maintaining it and didn’t want a version that probably wouldn’t work with future kde version distriuted via gethotnewstuff.

    Feel free to redistribute it under LGPL if it works ok..

  5. Awesome! Everything seems to be working perfectly fine for KDE 4.2. I’ll try to whip some RPM’S out soon. I’ve been getting quite a few hits on this post, people are apparently looking for it. 🙂

  6. Florian Schepper says:

    Fluffy Bunny Sources etc (everything related i could find on my disc) if anyone is interested:


  7. Very nice! I’ll whip up a special place for it. A theme this wron… erm awesome deserves it!

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