Building RPM’S and Amarok 2 SVN RPM

[edit] Some of the Amarok developers kindly pointed out that this is just a SVN snapshot version. That means it’s not called 2.1 until a feature freeze. Till that time I will be referring to it as “Amarok 2 SVN snapshot”.

As of yesterday I decided to give RPM building a try. So here’s what I did;

I already have read somewhere, I knew that fetching a previous SPEC file for a RPM should work fine. So I found one that was last edited by Rex Dieter, the guy who maintains the KDE-REDHAT distro’s I am using, for Amarok

At that point I updated my Amarok to the most recent SVN snapshot available at that point (revision 913756), I packed it up and put it in my rpmbuild directory. After that it was just a matter of updating the SPEC file to reflect my changes and building it.

That ended up in me having an Amarok 2 SVN snapshot (revision 913756) RPM built under Fedora 11 (rawhide) on my laptop (which is my plaything).

CHANGELOG (r913756)
    * Dbus methods added: VolumeUp, VolumeDown and Mute. (BR 181130)
    * The feed url is displayed in the config dialog of a podcast channel.
      By left clicking in the url it's copied to the clipboard. (BR 180853)
    * The Playlist Browser can now show playlists from multiple sources,
      including media devices.
    * The service now allows for the playing of all types of user
      stations (personal, loved tracks, recommendations, and neighborhood).
    * Arbitrary Tags can now be played in the service. (BR 139802)
    * Replay Gain support, currently only for MP3, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC files.
    * Amarok urls. Amarok can now load and generate "amarok urls" that allows
      any "view" to be bookmarked and later retrieved. A protocol handler is
      also installed that will launch amarok into the correct state, or make
      amarok show the correct view if already running if such a url is
      activated system wide.
    * Customizable playlist layouts. The playlist is now rendered according to
      an xml layout, allowing the playlist to assume a variety of different
      looks and supply customizable information.
    * Album cover art can be accessed via the scripting API. Patch thanks to
      Simon Esneault <>. (BR 179732)
    * New vertical Context View layout.
    * New applet toolbar in the Context View to arrange, select, and add applets.

    * Show error messages when Wikipedia information or Lyrics are unable to
      be displayed retrieved.
    * Show the cover menu when right clicking on artwork in the Tag Dialog.
    * Don't remove queued tracks from the playlist when repopulating dynamic
    * Major UI overhaul
    * Progress indicator on system tray icon is back.
    * Now using KSystemTrayIcon.

    * Fix grouping of Stream and File meta objects. This affects many cases,
      Such as when loading a playlist containing tracks from a scripted
    * Fixed crash on exit when collection scan has been aborted. (BR 176870)
    * Open ogg files in Amarok when using Dolphin and other file managers.
      Patch thanks to Lubos Lunak <>. (BR 180155)
    * Fixed an infinite loop bug when using title case conversion in Guess Tags.
      (BR 180164)
    * Don't show the rating widget for tracks which are not in the collection.
      (BR 180023)

Sharing is caring after all so here’s the link to the freshly built RPM which might be useful/interesting to people who like to give Amarok 2.1 (and run Fedora Rawhide) a try. Please note that Amarok 2.1 is under heavy development and things might be broken in this release. So not for the faint-hearted. 🙂

[edit] I now have a Fedora 10 build an a Fedora Rawhide build available:

Amarok 2 SVN snapshot r913756:

Download amarok-2.1-1.fc10.i386.rpm for Fedora 10 here:

Download amarok-2.1-1.fc11.i386.rpm for Fedora Rawhide here:

Comments, tests, rants, issues? Please let me know. 🙂

PS. If everything goes well, I’ll also build it on F10 ( or I might do that anyway 😉 ).
PPS. When appreciated, I’ll post a regular ( ~weekly ) snapshot for FC10 and F11

CC BY-SA 4.0 Building RPM’S and Amarok 2 SVN RPM by Eelko Berkenpies is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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    Good job! I like it

  2. Abhishek says:

    Superb work there.Was always expecting something like that for Fedora and Amarok.Keep up the great work.

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